Rienzi Cala De Mairo

The characters first contact within the De Mairo crime family.


Rienzi is a Dashing young man, not even 20 years old. He has a neatly trimmed goatee and dark olive skin, like most De Mairo’s. His long raven hair is held back by a crimson ribbon, a gift from a Safnian Princess he says. He is wise well beyond his years, and the rest of his family excitedly watches to see what he becomes as he matures.


Rienzis mother is Marbela Chialle De Mairo, Ontro’s only Daughter. She is regarded by the family as the most intelligent person within the family, without a doubt. Rienzi has inherited his mothers brainpower, as well as some of her wit. He is first encountered at the vineyard outside the city of Hawkeye, on the wartorn island of Skern.

Rienzi Cala De Mairo

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