Lucan Stellos

The first target...


Lucan is a handsome man, though not remarkably so. This is another tool in his belt when spying. He can blend in with any group, and change his appearance with extreme skill. However, as Sharn reveals, something about him has changed, and not for the better.


Lucan is a member of The Royal Eyes of Eslen, the nations spy network. He was assigned to infiltrate the Black Lanterns home city of Z’acatto. He was believed to have either succeded or died when he did not return for almost 6 months. Then, yesterday, he came back to the HQ of the Royal Eyes and broke into the secret vaults therein, stealing an immensely powerful sword in the process. The guards outside the vault were found savagely mauled and ripped, though Lucan was seen entering and leaving alone.

Lucan Stellos

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