Cloak and Dagger

Session 1

The PC’s were approached in a Tavern as they passed the time in the city of Z’irbina. The man led them back to a nondescript warehouse that is actually the HQ of The Royal Eyes of Eslen. Once there, they met Sharn, who told them of a job. He said that yesterday, one of his top agents, Lucan Stellos, returned from assignment unexpectedly. He broke into the Vaults within the HQ and stole a massively powerful sword, then fled. The PC’s were asked to go after him. It is known he is on his way to Imara, to meet with someone named Krell. The PC’s left that night, and began the weeklong journey. On the road they ran into a group of Satyr’s and an Owlbear working at the behest of The Black Lanterns.



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